Thursday, March 12, 2009

Simple Pleasures

To be able to sit down in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee, read the newspaper, and listen to the birds. These are just 3 simple pleasures I enjoy. Those simple little pleasures that help us relax and appreciate all that we are blessed with can make a big difference in the way we look at life around us.
I think that in the last couple of years I have learned to settle down, and not be so up tight. I wish that I had learned this as a young mother, I often regret not having more patience with Heather and Heidi. If I had taken the time to just watch them grow!
What did I miss? A Lot.. and so did they.
But, I can not change the past, So I will try to make the future a better place for me and my family.
I WILL slow down and take the time to appreciate ordinary events, they might not be terribly exciting, But stopping to smell the roses is a great simple pleasure.

“Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories.”
~Cathy Allen

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