Friday, January 23, 2009

Great neighbors

Anybody that knows us will know that we love wildlife. So, last year, while I was having one of my midnight views of the neighborhood (I wake up a lot) I see this deer walking down the middle of the street, along with hoof prints all over my yard. Now I watch for them all the time. I live in an ordinary neighborhood, lots of houses and dogs. There is a hillside at the bottom of my street and during the Christmas break I looked down the hill and there is a herd of deer on the hillside. I asked Brock (Heather's friend) run me down there in his truck, so that I can get some close up pictures. Then this week, Brock saw something that he at first thought was a dog. He gets out his camera and realizes that it was a red fox. He goes down to the hillside sneaks up on it and captures a few good pictures. I just love my neighbors.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Making your own sunshine

While I was growing up I learned one important saying from my grandmother. "Make your own Sunshine". If I was not happy, or someone or something upset me, she would remind me of this phrase. Well, today at school, one of my coworkers came in not in a good mood, I walked by and told her to "Make your own Sunshine", an hour or so later she walked into my office and thanked me. She told me that she was in a much better mood and it was because of what I had said. My daughter Heidi tries to go by this saying also, and is always reminding her own daughter of the saying. So, thank you grandma for reminding so many people that "you have to make your own sunshine"