Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stressed and Excited

6 and 1/2 weeks until the end of the school year. That make me extremely stressed and overly excited. Stressed because it is now time to do the End of Level or CRT tests at school. So, along with all of the other jobs that I have, (I am not complaining, I love my other jobs) I also help with the testing. No, bathroom breaks, no lunches, no walks in the park during lunch, no visiting the office... JUST TESTING... All day long. Then, when a student doesn't show up I will spend every other free moment trying to locate them, getting them into the lab, taking their car keys away and sitting there watching them test. No Child Left Behind law mandates that we have 95% of the students tested, this is when I really do not like sluffers. Someday I hope that they realize what a big mistake they made.

Excited... School is almost over. Camping trips, sleeping in, fishing, 4wheeling, working in the yard, wait what did I just write? Working in the YARD!! I wish that was true all summer long, but as soon as it gets to warm, working in the yard is just as bad as locating truant students. But, at least I have one of those jobs where if I wanted to work all summer in the yard I could. I have also planted my first garden. Yep, one of those square foot gardens. I sure hope I get some of the onions, broccoli, califlower, brussle sprouts, and lettuce to grow. Want to start another spot just for tomatos, cucumbers, pumpkins, etc... Sure hope that it will be worth all the work Mark and I have put into it so far. And, a very big Thank you to my great neighbors who let me put our garden in their back yard. Hopefully they will enjoy the bounty as much as we do.